Ideal Boiler Spares & Parts

Stelrad boilers are one the most reliable boiler suppliers in the UK.  We have a wide selection for this brand so we’re sure you’ll find what you need to get your boiler back to working condition again.  Stelrad were established over 70 years ago, manufacturing radiators from their factory in Southall. Since then, they have evolved into an established company in the Netherlands and Britain.

They’re one of the most innovative companies in the business, spending a lot of time on research and development creating great new heating products for the next generation. Stelrad products are guaranteed to last longer than other alternatives.

Some of the products we stock on behalf of Stelrad include:

•    Pump Delay Stats
•    Cable Clips
•    Gas Valves
•    Pilot Injectors
•    Spark Generators

If you’re looking for a specific part for your boiler please contact the MJT specialists who will be happy to help.

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002434 KNOB

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002680 SWITCH

£6.17 excl VAT excluding shipping
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