011289 WATER SECTION (T/MAX) was 011269

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Product Code: 011289 WATER SECTION (T/MAX) was 011269
Whilst looking for a low cost part for your boiler system, remember to consider the impact that might have. Un-official counterfeit parts are typically substandard, manufactured in the cheapest way possible to sell at mass. Due to the cheap materials which the part was made with its easy for it to not be able to handle the strength and durability that is required from the product. In the result of a system breakdown or in some cases, an accident, the blame is usually put onto the shoulders of the service or repair worker rather than the cheapness of the product, which wasn’t taken into consideration before purchase. We highly recommend buying an official boiler part, to avoid these future problems, much like this product here. This part is suitable with all ecoTEC boilets by Vaillant. If you are looking for more information or guidance on any product, our contact details at the bottom of the page.